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Promote Svaneti in the Global Adventure Market

4.0 Promote Svaneti in the Global Adventure Market

This objective focuses on developing a strong destination brand identity, creating a unique value proposition, and positioning the destination globally in the minds of target audiences to differentiate it from competitors and attract specific market segments worldwide. By effectively promoting Svaneti with targeted messaging, appealing to the right markets, and ensuring high-quality services, Svaneti can position itself as a top-tier adventure tourism destination. To achieve this, Svaneti should focus on experiential-based segmented marketing, storytelling campaigns, regional marketing efforts, and collaboration with tourism associations.

To promote Svaneti in the global adventure market, an effective marketing strategy should be designed and agreed between the regional DMO and national partner GNTA. It is crucial to align marketing efforts with the GNTA Strategy and Marketing Plan, developing comprehensive marketing campaigns and strategies to raise awareness, attract target markets, and promote the destination's unique selling points, such as its natural beauty, cultural heritage, or recreational activities. GNTA, the leading national agency promoting tourism on a global scale, is a well-established and well-funded institution with significant expertise. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to maintain cooperation and ensure the stewardship of GNTA in promoting Svaneti as an integral and distinctive destination in Georgia.

Online presence should be enhanced through a dedicated website and engaging storytelling campaigns that captivate potential travelers. DMO Svaneti with support from GNTA’s team should collaborate with content creators and influencers, who will share their Svaneti experiences with their audiences worldwide. Partnering with tour operators, travel agents, and participating in adventure travel trade shows and exhibitions will expand reach and attract adventure-oriented travelers to Svaneti. Global promotion is essential as it allows Svaneti to reach a broader audience of adventure travelers actively seeking unique and authentic experiences.


4.1 Create an Effective Annual Marketing Plan

Developing a 1-year marketing plan will provide a strategic roadmap for effective marketing activities to drive tourism growth, ensuring the region's unique offerings are effectively communicated to target audiences. To begin, conduct a comprehensive summary of the previous year's marketing activities and evaluate their outcomes. This analysis will shed light on successful strategies and areas that require improvement, allowing for informed decision-making in the upcoming plan.

Next, organize a brainstorming meeting with experienced tourism professionals. This collaborative session will facilitate the exchange of ideas, insights, and innovative approaches to enhance Svaneti's tourism marketing efforts. Drawing from their expertise and industry knowledge, identify new national tourism marketing activities that can captivate and engage potential visitors.

Furthermore, it is essential to review and benchmark annual destination marketing plans from other Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), both at the national and international levels. Given the strategic significance of Kutaisi International Airport and the regional connectivity it offers, establishing a robust cooperation between the Imereti DMO and Svaneti DMO is of utmost importance. This partnership will facilitate the exchange of valuable information such as statistics, analyses, and research, providing insights into industry trends, successful campaigns, and best practices. Ultimately, this collaborative effort will help the development of Svaneti's marketing plan.

Once the necessary information has been gathered, publish an annual tourism marketing plan that can be shared with industry stakeholders, local businesses, and government agencies. This plan should prioritize target markets based on research and analysis while also incorporating a social marketing and content strategy. Emphasize the unique stories and experiences that make Svaneti a remarkable place to live and visit, highlighting its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and adventure opportunities.

By developing and implementing a well-defined 1-year marketing plan, the Svaneti DMO will be better equipped to attract visitors, drive tourism growth, and ensure a thriving tourism industry for the region. To ensure effective planning for the upcoming calendar year, the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) Svaneti should take the lead in initiating and drafting the marketing plan. This process should involve close consultation with the founder municipalities, namely the mayors' offices of Mestia and Lentekhi, as well as key representatives from the tourism industry, including travel operators, guide offices, local hotels, and the resort company MTA. It is important that the marketing plan is aligned with the national plans of the Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA). To ensure transparency and collective decision-making, the marketing plan should be approved by a steering committee consisting of representatives from all relevant stakeholders. It is advisable that this approval takes place at least three months in advance of the planned calendar year, allowing sufficient time for implementation preparations.


4.2 Develop and Maintain the Svaneti Website

To better promote the region, it is important to develop and maintain a comprehensive website. This website should serve as a valuable resource hub, providing a wealth of information on local businesses, accommodations, attractions, events, videos, and captivating storytelling from the region.


The website should feature a user-friendly interface that allows residents to access essential resources, such as information on local services, community events, and updates. For visitors, the website should highlight Svaneti's unique selling points, including its breathtaking landscapes, cultural heritage, and outdoor adventure opportunities. The website from Tyrol could serve as an excellent prototype for developing a website dedicated to Svaneti.


4.3 Enhance the Online Presence of Svaneti

To bolster Svaneti's online presence, a strategic approach is vital. Utilize diverse online channels while maintaining offline contacts and partnerships. Tap into online travel marketplaces and OTAs like Viator, Expedia, and GetYourGuide. Collaborating with these platforms expands the reach and visibility of global adventure-seeking travelers. Ensure listings are optimized with accurate descriptions and competitive pricing. Leverage review networks such as Tripadvisor and Trustpilot to build credibility. Encourage satisfied travelers to leave positive reviews and promptly respond to feedback.

Engage with a diverse audience through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Share captivating visuals, immersive videos, and inspiring stories to foster a community and increase brand presence. Establish a dedicated YouTube channel for showcasing Svaneti's natural beauty and adventure activities. Regularly upload high-quality videos and optimize for search visibility. Finally, nurture offline contacts, friends, and partnerships within the industry for referrals and collaborative initiatives.


4.4 Create Svaneti Visitor Guide and Map

One of the recommendations is to develop a visually appealing and comprehensive visitor guide that highlights the best of Svaneti. This guide should provide visitors with valuable information about the region's rich history, vibrant culture, top attractions, accommodations, dining options, and outdoor activities. Practical details such as transportation options, safety guidelines, and contact information for visitor centers should also be included. By creating an informative and visually engaging guide, visitors will have a valuable resource to plan their itineraries and make the most of their time in Svaneti.


In addition, it is essential to design an accurate and user-friendly map of Svaneti that showcases key landmarks, attractions, hiking trails, and other points of interest. By providing a well-designed map, visitors can easily navigate Svaneti's offerings and explore the region with confidence, enhancing their overall experience. Distributing the visitor guide and map at strategic locations such as airports, train stations, hotels, and popular tourist attractions will ensure their widespread availability and accessibility to visitors.


4.5 Implement a Storytelling Marketing Campaign

To effectively showcase the unique charm and cultural heritage of Svaneti, it is highly recommended to implement a storytelling marketing campaign. This approach will engage and captivate audiences, fostering a deeper emotional connection with the region and enticing visitors to explore its wonders.


The storytelling marketing campaign should focus on weaving compelling narratives that highlight the region's history, traditions, and local experiences. By leveraging the power of storytelling, the region can create an immersive and memorable journey for potential visitors. These stories can encompass Svaneti's breathtaking landscapes, vibrant festivals, intriguing folklore, and the warmth of its local communities. Retracing the remarkable mountaineering journeys undertaken by the first European adventurers from Britain, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany, along with the geographers and photographers who scaled the summits of Tetnuldi, Ushba, and more than a hundred years ago, provides an extraordinary testament. One highly recommended example is the renowned "Exploration of the Caucasus" expedition organized by the British Royal Geographical Society and Alpine Club between the 1860s and 1880s.

To effectively implement the campaign, the region should employ various channels such as social media platforms, website content, blog articles, and video content. Utilizing visually stunning imagery, well-crafted narratives, and engaging multimedia, the campaign can effectively reach and resonate with target audiences. Collaborations with local storytellers, artists, and content creators can also add authenticity and local flavor to the campaign.


4.6 Engage Content Creators and Influencers

To boost the visibility and appeal of Svaneti, it is recommended to proactively engage content creators and influencers as part of the marketing strategy. By collaborating with these individuals, the region can tap into their creativity, reach, and influence to promote the region effectively.

By identifying content creators and influencers who align with Svaneti's brand values and target audience, the DMO can establish partnerships that yield authentic and compelling content. These collaborations can take the form of sponsored trips, where content creators and influencers can experience the unique offerings of Svaneti firsthand and create engaging content around their experiences. This can include stunning photography, immersive videos, captivating blog posts, and real-time social media updates.


4.7 Collaborate with Tour Operators and Travel Agents

To maximize the promotion of Svaneti's unique adventure travel offerings, the Svaneti Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) should prioritize forging strategic partnerships with established tour operators and travel agents. By working closely with industry experts, the DMO can develop and promote adventure packages that showcase Svaneti's distinctive features, offering seamless experiences for travelers. Experience sharing by organizing study tours and inviting DMOs from Alpine countries will be a great opportunity to promote Svaneti.

By collaborating with reputable tour operators and travel agents, the DMO can leverage its expertise in crafting adventure travel itineraries that highlight Svaneti's breathtaking landscapes, cultural heritage, and thrilling outdoor activities. Together, they can curate packages catering to different traveler preferences, ensuring visitors make the most of their time in Svaneti.

In the wholesale sector, tour operators provide a business-to-business (B2B) service, selling goods to travel agents who then distribute them to consumers (B2C). Collaborating with wholesalers allows the DMO to tap into established distribution channels, expanding the reach of Svaneti's adventure offerings.


In the retail sector, traditional travel agencies with physical stores, such as TUI, Hays, and Cooperative Travel, play a significant role in promoting and selling travel experiences. Svaneti can be featured in its brochures and offerings, providing exposure to a wide range of potential travelers.


4.8 Participate in Adventure Travel Trade Shows and Exhibitions

To enhance Svaneti's presence in the international adventure travel market, active participation in prominent trade shows and exhibitions is essential. These events provide invaluable opportunities to increase visibility, establish relationships with key stakeholders, and effectively showcase Svaneti's unique selling propositions.

The United Kingdom presents a significant opportunity for Svaneti, given its historical connections and the interest shown by British travelers. Engaging with publications such as the Geographical Society and English-language television programs like BBC and Travel Channel can attract potential visitors. Additionally, participation in trade shows like World Travel Market in London allows for face-to-face interactions, which are still highly valued by British tour operators and travelers who prefer printed information and direct negotiations. Germany and Northern Europe have long been intrigued by Svaneti, with historical archives and explorers' accounts providing interesting insights. Positioning Svaneti as both a modern skiing and adventure destination and a hub of ancient culture can capture the interest of European travelers. Participating in exhibitions like ITB in Berlin, where educated travelers flock, is crucial for effective positioning and promotion. By actively participating in these trade shows and exhibitions, Svaneti can leverage its unique offerings, attract a diverse range of travelers, and increase awareness and interest in the region.


4.9 Launch Targeted Campaigns: Mountaineering, Agritourism, Gastro Tourism, & Extended Vacations

To attract European travelers seeking unique and unspoiled destinations, the Svaneti Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) should launch targeted campaigns focusing on mountaineering, agritourism, food tourism, extended vacations, and exploration. Agritourism presents an opportunity to showcase Svaneti's rural charm and agricultural traditions. Promoting farm stays, interactive experiences, and farm-to-table dining can attract travelers who crave authentic and immersive encounters with local culture and cuisine. Food tourism campaigns can highlight Svaneti's gastronomic offerings, emphasizing local delicacies, traditional recipes, and culinary experiences. Collaborating with local restaurants, organizing food festivals, and featuring local producers can entice European travelers seeking unique and flavorful culinary adventures.

Positioning Svaneti as an ideal destination for extended vacations allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the region's beauty and cultural heritage. Promoting longer stays and diverse activities like hiking, skiing, cultural tours, and village experiences can attract European travelers looking for in-depth exploration and meaningful connections. Emphasizing Svaneti's unspoiled nature and off-the-beaten-path experiences can capture the interest of European travelers seeking something new. Highlighting untouched landscapes, hidden trails, and lesser-known attractions can position Svaneti as an adventurous and off-the-radar destination for exploration.

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