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How to Use the Document

The purpose of the "Svaneti Tourism Development Strategy and Action Plan" (document) is to outline the vision, strategic objectives and specific actions as a comprehensive framework for promoting and enhancing sustainable tourism development in Svaneti. It aims to identify the goals, objectives, and key initiatives needed to attract tourists, stimulate economic growth, and ensure sustainable development. Such a document serves as a roadmap for stakeholders, guiding their efforts in creating a thriving and well-managed tourism industry. The document represents a comprehensive set of recommended actions and should be used by the authorized regional council as an იnstrument to plan and monitor results of the implemented on-going or future planned actions 

Mestia Municipality and other public agencies

Utilize the document to align local policies and infrastructure investments with tourism objectives, ensuring that regulations support sustainable tourism growth. Collaborate with stakeholders to implement key initiatives such as improving access to public services, infrastructure utilities, transportation, education and professional skills, preserving cultural heritage and social environment, and enhancing safety in tourist areas. 

Donor organizations

Use the document as a reference to identify strategic areas for cooperation and financial support through international donors and development projects. Prioritize projects that align with the plan’s goals, such as infrastructure development, capacity building, and sustainable tourism initiatives, to maximize the impact of donor funding.  

Private sector

Capitalize on the strategy and action plan to identify business opportunities and investment prospects in the tourism industry. Align product and service offerings with the plan’s recommendations, emphasizing quality, sustainability, and authentic experiences. 

Svaneti DMO 

Leverage the document to strengthen destination branding and marketing efforts. Focus on coordinating marketing campaigns, providing thematic trainings for locals' hospitality skills, increasing service standards, and fostering community engagement to enhance the overall visitor travel experience in Svaneti. 

Local action groups 

Employ the document to guide grassroots initiatives that align with the broader tourism strategy. Encourage community involvement in activities such as cultural festivals and valorization of heritage properties,  eco-tourism projects and educational programs, respecting local and community ownership and participation. Play an active role in the strategy’s implementation by fostering accountability and transparency among stakeholders and the community. 

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