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Strategic Objectives

Creating strategic objectives further define that vision, providing the broad goals or desired outcomes that the destination aims to achieve over a specified period. These objectives serve as guiding principles for decision-making and resource allocation in order to enhance the destination's overall competitiveness, sustainability, and attractiveness. The following strategic objectives were developed from the destination's vision, stakeholder input, and an analysis of market trends and competitive landscape by a panel of industry experts.

The next level of detail in the plan offers strategic interventions or initiatives, which are the specific actions, projects, or programs implemented to support the achievement of the strategic objectives. These interventions are designed to address key challenges, seize opportunities, and bring about positive changes in the destination. They serve as the practical steps that contribute to the realization of the destination's strategic vision. Strategic interventions or initiatives can vary depending on the specific needs and characteristics of a destination, but typically include infrastructure development, product diversification, marketing and promotion, capacity building, sustainability initiatives, stakeholder collaboration, and destination branding and positioning. Each of these topics are considered in the following sections.

By implementing this Destination Development Strategy, we will position Svaneti as a world-class destination for winter and summer activities, offering unforgettable experiences to visitors from around the globe.

Strategy Navigation Tool

The following table is a summary of the Strategic Objectives and the interventions detailed in the document sections. Click on the topic of interest and find out more.

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